The Locals we Love

Support and Suppliers

Here are some of the wonderful people who have been part of our wedding and commercial support network. We Love to Shout about members of the wider artistic family!


House Of Hare

This is a Spectacular Lake District Salon. Perfect for any pre wedding pamper or prep.


Urban Celebrity

A Fantastic local fashion Brand That keeps us on our toes and up to date with all the latest looks


Tiree Dawson

A Photographer with some unbelivable Art. Her Photos Come with Imagination and Its Always a fairytale.

"I can picture the image in my head, look through the lense and make it happen. It makes me shiver with excitement."



A Gorgeous Salon! Where things are done differently.

Keeping My hand in hairdressing and up to date with the latest techniques . I love being part of this creative team.


My favourite Venues